Sermon Series

Most people have heard that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. What's often not discussed, what we take little time to monitor, is the emotional forces which can lead to heart disease of the soul. Heart disease caused by guilt, anger, greed and envy that if left unchallenged have the power to destroy our homes, careers, and friendships. 

where Church life becomes

the Best part of life

- Sure, time with your kids is better, but it's time with your church community that leads to greater love for your kids.

- Work & accomplishment is great, but it's in church community that you accomplish work that lasts forever.

- Life is full of countless experiences, both good and bad, but it's in church community where you fully discover God's love, community with others and a life filled with purpose & significance.     

You're just one step away from greater intimacy with God, rich community, & purpose

"This is the best church Ever! I've never been to a church better than this!Caleb: age 11

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