Who We Are

We are a community of believers in Jesus that gathers regularly for worship, study, and encouragement. However, our focus is not on our gathering...it's on the lives we live outside the walls of the church building. We are ordinary people living as ambassadors of an extraordinary God and His Kingdom not our church. Perhaps our goal is different from what you have come to expect. While we would love to have you be a part of our community, what we really want goes well beyond that. We want you to know the transforming power of God's grace and love...to be a part of His Kingdom, not just our church. We at ACC do our best to live on this mission. To not just go to church but to BE the church.

Be The Church

Often today it seems the only thing churches want is for people to show up on Sundays, fill some seats, take a turn helping with kids, and potentially give when the offering plate comes around. While all of these things are important and great they fall well short of the mission we have received from Jesus and can all be contained in an hour or so once a week. So our mission is to not just go to church but to BE the church. To be so transformed by our belief in Jesus that it impacts every part of our lives. It involves every moment, every breath, every thought, action, relationship, and word through each day of the week. This is our purpose. To help others find this same truth that Jesus is greater than everything by being His church in our streets, neighborhoods, work places, and community not just Sunday mornings in one building.