Our logo

There's a reason that our logo is what it is. In our mission to BE the church we have identified three distinct areas that we should all have included prominently within our lives. Those areas are represented by the three colored rings and explained below. As a result the logo then serves as a constant reminder to not only BE the church but also how we go about doing that.

  • grow - live - serve

    To BE the church we are called to be we must GROW spiritually, LIVE in community, and SERVE the world.

  • GROW spiritually

    This is the foundational element in our discipleship journeys to be more and more like Jesus. We must pursue spiritual maturation as we grow in our relationship with Jesus. This is something that never comes to completion as we continually strive to know Him better and be more like Him. We can't BE His church without looking like Him and we can't look like Him if we don't know Him. 

    Opportunities for spiritual growth come in Sunday School, Teaching during our services, Wednesday Night Journey (Bible Study), Life Groups, and other special events and opportunities. 

  • LIve in community

    As we grow spiritually it is vital that we live in community with other believers. It's through this community that we find assistance in our growth, encouragement for the journey, strength to push through difficulty, shoulders to lean on, and family to celebrate with. We can't just sit next to one another for an hour a week and obtain this type of community. We must truly see one another as family and care deeply for one another and our spiritual growth and well-being. It's authentically living in this community that allows us to impact the community around us.

    Opportunities for community come in Sunday School, Life Groups, Fellowship/Special Events, Wednesday Night Journey, and just being a friend.

  • SErve the world

    Serving the world is the end result of successfully participating in the first two areas. As we grow in our relationship with Jesus and with other believers it becomes second nature to allow that development to pour over into the lives we live in the world around us. Being a light in the darkness of our world by loving like Jesus, putting others before ourselves, and always proclaiming the gospel in the way we live our lives. 

    While there are service opportunities within the church our goal here is to serve outside the walls of the church and to do so when there is no church logo attached to the event. To see your neighborhood as your mission field, your work place as an opportunity given to you, to BE his church right where you are.