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We want to help you discover God's love, community with others, and a life of purpose. We accomplish this through our GROW LIVE SERVE strategy. Each of these three areas are represented by the three colored rings and explained below. 

  • GROW spiritually

    This is the foundational element in our discipleship journey to be more and more like Jesus. This is something that never comes to completion as we continually strive to know Him better and be more like Him. 

    We have many opportunities for spiritual growth, but there are two key gatherings we point everyone to be part of. These are the Sunday worship service and Life Groups. Both are critical for spiritual growth. 

  • LIve in community

    As we grow spiritually, it is vital that we live in community with other believers. It's through this community that we find assistance in our growth, encouragement for the journey, strength to push through difficulty, shoulders to lean on, and family to celebrate with.

    We are always creating new ways to live in community, but as before, our Sunday worship service and our Life Groups are the primary vehicles we use to reach this goal.

  • SErve the world

    The Bible describes the church as the BODY of Christ. This means all of us who make up the church have the privilege of using our gifts, talents, and abilities to continue the ministry Jesus began. 

    It's in our Life Groups that we help you discover where your gifts, talents, and abilities could best be used in the church and outside the church. When we love others through acts of service, our lives find purpose and joy. 

  • grow - live - serve

    GROW spiritually, LIVE in community, and SERVE the world.