Church Contact: Junior Basham

Mission Contact: Chris & Alishia Weeks

The purpose of Sparrow Missions is to reach the lost for Christ and mobilize Christians by giving them the opportunity to travel the world and share their faith with people in other cultures and countries.

How YOU can help:

  • Commit to pray for Sparrow Missions and specifically for Chris and Alishia Weeks, their children, and the people they are ministering to
  • Consider supporting them financially with either a monthly donation or a one-time gift
  • Sign up for a missions trip. ACC takes annual trips in October. Contact Junior Basham for specific information
  • Participate in a fund raiser to help support the annual missions trip. Contact Junior Basham for more information
  • Send an email or Facebook like or post to show your encouragement and let them know you are praying for them
  • Click here to see the latest news from Sparrow