kentucky kids belong

Church Contact: Tina Piche

Mission Contact: Dayna Gleason

Over 8,000 kids in the Kentucky foster care system are unseen and suffering, left to feel like they don't belong. We dramatically improve their experience and change their outcomes so that these kids can thrive in safe, loving families and supportive communities where they belong.

How YOU can help: 

  • Commit to pray for KYKB and specifically for leaders, volunteers, and children.
  • Consider supporting them financially with either a monthly donation or a one-time gift
  • Join our WRAP team to support foster families in our church. Contact Dayna Gleason for more information.
  • Follow Kentucky Kids Belong on FB and IG. Share children's videos so more people can learn about these children and the right families can find them.
  • Consider fostering or adopting. See children we have filmed, that are still awaiting a forever family.