Church Contact: Tina Piche

Mission Contact: kycampcalvary@gmail.com


The purpose of Camp Calvary is to provide a spiritual atmosphere by training campers to be fully equipped as mature Christians. Examples to the world, they will lead the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

How YOU can help: 

  • Commit to pray for Camp Calvary and specifically for leaders, volunteers, and campers
  • Consider supporting them financially with either a monthly donation or a one-time gift
  • Sign up to volunteer at a camp, contact Emily Luttrell (859-805-1902) or email Tina Piche for specific information
  • Donate your old electronics. Your used inkjet and laser cartridges, MP3 players, cameras, etc can help raise money for Camp Calvary, click here for more information
  • Link your Kroger card to Camp Calvary through Kroger's Community Rewards Program. Follow the steps online and enter code "11476" or "Camp Calvary." Every time you shop, you get all of your rewards AND Camp Calvary will earn some too!